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If you have auto insurance chances are your policy will cover some, if not all, of the cost of your repair services. Not sure what type of coverage you have with your policy? No problem! Red G Glass can contact your insurance company and find out for you. We will do everything possible to make the process of filing an auto glass insurance claim as easy as possible with minimum hassle to you.

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Consumers: You Have The Right To Choose

Don't Get Steered In The Wrong Direction

Some insurance companies will have a list of auto glass companies to choose from. In some cases, they may insist you must choose from these companies or strongly advise against choosing a company they have not approved. This is a tactic known as steering.

Under Utah state law as well as federal law, you, the consumer, have the right to go to any auto glass shop if you need auto glass services, and your insurance company must comply with your decision.

Red G Glass believes that all consumers should be educated with the facts regarding auto glass service and insurance choices. Once you know the facts you will be better equipped to make an educated decision.



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